Taxicab confessions

When you feel down, he sends Angels. It's just plain and simple when you have a deep relationship with God. 

Walking from the third police station back to the hostel to get my bag was only a few minutes. Of course I was thankful for this as I did not want to accept a ride from the police officer after I was trying to make a statement about the injustice. 

Arriving back to the hostel, my plan was to grab my bag and head directly to the airport. 4 hours early? No problem. I just wanted to go home for the first time on the trip. You experience problems and you seek comfort. 

Outside in front there was a guy sleeping in his cab, I banged at his window a few times(not very considerate, but business is business). He gives me a ride for $20, which is $10 less than the usual fare. Clearly he sensed my aggravation and he was the person to listen to it all. 

Talking to him felt like talking to an insightful therapist or psychologist. He had such insight into his own culture and the behaviors presented. He said some people are just completely ignorant while some people are nice-it really is case by case. While this whole good people and bad people thing is true, the cases proved themselves more than a few times- at least ten. This waitress at the restaurant who completely snubbed me and helped all the locals- this was real and happening in front of me. He did not confirm my belief that Panama is discriminatory against Americans or to specify- does not like female backpackers. 

As he kept listening and responding, I realized this was all coming from personal experience. He was a therapist on his job and in the car. This was his profession too listening to people's, problems, and stories. He comforted, gave reassurance, and was helpful. Everything he did for me worked. He calmed me down, listened, validated my opinions, and thoughts. All his quotes and life references, it all successfully worked. 
When I informed him that there was a show in USA called "Taxicab Confessions", he could not believe it.  It was his idea to go move to New York and start taping. Taxicab driver really are therapists. It's a space where many people open up about their life and feelings. People know they will never see this person again so why not let it all out? 

This taxi driver was also religious and quoted some scripture. He made me feel hopeful and be more optimistic about my interactions with the Panama culture. As we were driving in the airport, there was some Bryan Adams song playing. The lyrics matched exactly what he said, it wa s a total "aha" moment. 

              This was IT

It was the end of the trip and this man was sitting and reassuring me of the beauty of people. His whole mission the taxi ride was to make me happy.

Mission accomplished! 

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