Exception to the Rule

As a tourist, I have a tendency to be the exception to the rule in many scenarios whether on the bus, at a restaurant, in a hotel, on the beach, on a tour-the rules are a bit more flexible. It's not because I do something manipulative or bad, but it's mainly because I treat people with kindness, love, and respect.  I empathize with their job, talk about their life, identify with their feelings, learn about their family, and their daily routine.  I let them know that I am also a human rather than just a tourist. It is my goal to make them feel good and leave my presence feeling satisfied.

When you extend yourself to people, they naturally do the same in return, which leads some rules to break and exceptions to be made.  For example, everyone needs to sit in their assigned seat, but I end up switching my seat and sitting in the front.  The tourists stay on the bus while I use the driver's family home's personal bathroom. Beach privileges for towels and drinks. Room discounts and privileges. Coach buses have even dropped me off directly at my location. It's a fun relationship where I am making them laugh and smile. We share our food with each other and share our cultures with each other. I am fitting in as if I was a local or part of the staff. It makes my traveling so much more rewarding having this interaction. 

As for other tourists, they can also chime in with the laughs and enjoy the entertainment. They can be annoyed with  it and not understand it. On the whole, they don't mind and find my behavior funny. They usually want to talk to me and learn more about my travels. It attracts them when they see someone outside the normal travel box. Many travelers are comfortable in their safety zone, but there are others who want to interact with locals and learn from them. They just need a little push, a little motivation, or a person to show them "They don't bite, they are just like me and you." There is always an opportunity to speak, to learn, to listen, and to grow:)

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